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Companion Card onsite assessments for groups

The Companion Card team is now offering onsite assessments for groups of four or more people to make it easier to apply for a Companion Card.

Disability care, special schools and aged care service providers, who cater for large numbers of people with a life-long disability may find the onsite assessments particularly helpful.

When making a site visit, Companion Card officers will collect permission forms and personal information including photos of the card applicants from the service provider.  The Companion Card staff will collect information about the applicant and follow up if more detail is required.

Once all the information is gathered a letter will  be sent to the applicant.

To be eligible for a Companion Card, the applicant must have a significant lifelong disability/illness and be unable to participate in the community without a carer.

To arrange an onsite visit, please contact phone 1800 009 501.

Alternatively – what are the other ways you can apply for a companion card?

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