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Who is eligible?

In summary: to be eligible for a Tasmanian Companion Card you must be able to demonstrate all of the following:

  1. you have a significant, permanent disability;
  2. due to the impact of your disability, you are unable to participate at most community venues and events without a companion carer;
  3. you have a lifelong need for this level of support; and
  4. you live in Tasmania.

Additional important information

The Companion Card is not issued to every person who has a disability.

The card is issued to people who can demonstrate that they would not be able to participate at most venues and events without a companion carer, and that this need is life-long.

Companion Cards cannot be issued if the applicant may become independent in the future as a result of treatment/management, training, recovery or developmental improvements. Companion Cards can only be issued when an ongoing need for attendant care support from a companion can be demonstrated.

Attendant care support from a companion includes significant assistance with mobility, communication, self-care, or learning, planning and thinking, where the use of aids, equipment or alternative strategies do not enable the person to carry out these tasks.

It does not include providing only reassurance, social company or encouragement.

The requirement for attendant care to access most events does not include requiring support to deal with infrequent, unexpected or unpredictable events.

The Companion Card was not developed to overcome or compensate for any particular venue's lack of accessibility; including the absence of ramps, lifts, accessible toilets, appropriate signage or captioning, etc. Responsibility for these access issues remains with venue and activity operators.

A Companion Card is issued in the name of the person who has the disability. Service providers, organisations or potential companions are not eligible to apply for a Companion Card.

There are no income or assets tests applied to applications for a Companion Card.

For more information see frequently asked questions.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS is a Disability support system for Australians and is in place to help People with Disability live a good life.

Just as not everyone who has a disability will get money (funding) from the NDIS, not everyone with NDIS funding is eligible for a Companion Card.

Some people will get support from the NDIS now, so they need less help later and their needs may not remain at a high level throughout their lives. People who have a Companion Card need a very high level of support permanently and their support needs will always remain high.

If you have an NDIS plan and would like to apply for a Companion Card, it is important that you still send any copies of reports you might have about your disability, as this will help us assess your application. In your application you can tell us about the help you need now but also remember to tell us why you will need a high level of support for the rest of your life.

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