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Venues and events that accept the Companion Card

To find out where you can use your Companion Card, you can browse the Tasmanian Companion Card directory.

Using your card interstate

The Tasmanian Companion Card is recognised in all Australian States and Territories.

Visit the National Companion Card website or select the state or territory links below to find participating venues and events:

Look for the logo

Look for the distinctive Companion Card logo displayed at the entrance of business premises or on promotional and advertising material:

Companion Card - accepted here

Please note:

Acceptance of the Companion Card does not indicate that a venue/activity is accessible. Cardholders are advised to check accessibility with the venue/activity operator before booking tickets.

Venue and event operators are encouraged to formally register their acceptance of the Companion Card with the program.

Some venue or activity operators may not know about the Companion Card but may still accept your card when produced or if you tell them about the program.

If a venue or activity operator needs more information, or would like to affiliate with the program, they can contact the Companion Card program via the web address and telephone number shown on the back of the card. By raising awareness in this way, it is hoped that more businesses will affiliate with the program.

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